15 March 2010

27 Feb-8 Mar 2010: Altenmarkt, Austria

Oh how I love Austria! The snow, food, good company, quaint little town of Altenmarkt, the Klausners...this is my third time back and I would come back again and again.

This time I came with Sera, Alex, Terreis and Nick. We had some mixed weather...starting off sunny (and warm) and then heading towards a blizzard by the end of the week. But we had a great time, and we can't complain about the amount of snow we had (though going down to -14 degrees on the slopes was a tad cold!).

Zauchensee ski slopes were in great shape...lots of good snow, not too much ice, and not a lot of Brits in hearing distance! The ski field is run really well and they even provide free shuttle buses to and from Altenmarkt, all day and for free. With the Euro still strong, this was a bonus as it wasn't cheap buying a 7 day ski pass.

As for the food...lots of delicious things to choose from and for some...it was the highlight of the trip!!

Here are some pics that tell it better than I can....