30 January 2014

18-26 January 2014 - Brisbane, Australia

What a wonderful way to have a family reunion - the wedding of my little sis. She and Mike finally decided to tie the knot and the great thing about this is that my two adorable nephews - Dash and Kylar - will be there to witness it (and be able to remember it as well)!

Family reunion
We all live around the world, so I flew in from New York, Geoff from Boston, Jason from London and Mum/Dad from New Zealand. We stayed in the same apartment and had 9 days to explore Brisbane, catch up with each other and to be part of Pen's wedding. Really enjoyed the time together and getting to see a lot of Pen, Mike, Kylar and Dash.  Just a shame Geoff got extremely sick and couldn't enjoy the visit like he hoped.


Sightseeing in Brisbane
We did have quite a few days to sightsee around Brisbane which included the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the city center.  It was quite hot during the days so we didn't end up doing too much, but enough to get a sense of what the city is about.

Pen and Mike's wedding (21 January)
A gorgeous sunny day, radiant bride, two very overexcited boys, and an eager groom!  It started off with a registry wedding where the two boys were the ring bearers. Very cute seeing them playing around and being 'boys' during the ceremony! We all headed out to the park for photos and then gathered for a drink and cool-down before heading to the dinner venue. Everyone was chatting outside where the drinks were being served, before going into the restaurant for a delicious meal and beautifully written speeches from the bride, groom, friends and family. The day went off without a hitch (well, other than the hitching of bride and groom) and its certainly one I will remember with very fond memories.


Just a shame that the Lind family reunions don't happen more often - who knows when the next one will be!