08 March 2011

25 Feb-6 March 2011: Altenmarkt, Austria

Skiing in Austria is so much fun....usually lots of snow and not many British people!  And we get to stay with our favourite people, the Klausners in Altenmarkt!

The weather really and truly did make our time there even better...eight days of skiing, seven days dealing with bright sunshine....we were definitely not complaining about this!  Though my knees were by Day 3 after I had conquered the black slopes quite a few times.

We usually headed onto the slopes about 9am, had a coffee/hot chocoloate about 11am, and then made a decision about an early or late lunch (trying to avoid the crowds).  All in all we spent about 4 hours+ each day on the slopes.

It wasn't too expensive either...for an 8 day ski pass it was €240, and €90 for 8 day ski hire.  We did eat out most nights but usually ended up at one particular restaurant as it was the only really decent one and did Terreis' favourite meal/dessert!

Here are a few photos of my time skiing in Austria (Zuchensee - about 40mins from Salzburg).

What else to do but rest the weary legs

Loving the scenery at Zuchensee!
A lone skier heading downhill

Blue, white and red...I do like my mix of colours!

Terreis enjoying the fine weather!