09 September 2011

26-29 August 2011: Faro, Portugal

Going away for the long weekend was a welcome relief from the British summer (which hadn't happened this year) and the fact that there was plenty of surf, sun and sand made it even better!

Myself and Nicole stayed in a wonderful villa in Alberferie which is 35mins from Faro airport.  It has a swimming pool and balcony overlooking the main beach - which is all but a 10min walk down to.  There were plenty of Brits around, but also lots of Portuguese and mainland Europeans. 

We flew out of Gatwick at 6am and by 10am (Portuguese time) we were by the poolside with sangria!  During the next 3 days we rotated between the old town, the beach and poolside.  At night there were plenty of pubs/clubs open and lots of cheap cocktails (€3 for a cocktail) and alcohol.  The food was yummy and generally cheap and there was the added benefit of lots of eye-candy around on the beach. 

What more could we ask for!  Have a look at the photos as they say everything....

Overlooking the main beach
Myself and Nicole enjoying a a sunset cruise

Cocktails galore!

Our accommodation!

Old town of Albeferie, Faro

The main beach is behind me

A church in Albeferie

Eating again! But the seafood was so delicious!