26 November 2010

22-31 October 2010: Boston, USA

I knew 10 days in Boston visiting my brother and his family would mean early nights, early mornings and busy days! I wasn't disapppointed!

Josh, Sam and Grace (9, 7 and 3 years old) kept me busy with their homework, books, and antics (and Jack their 2-year old labrador needed just as much attention).  With my birthday and Halloween in the same week it meant for an exciting time for all. 

The kids had Halloween school parades - they got to dress up in their costumes and then do a parade in front of the parents - and then they got to trick or treat in 0-degress temperatures. They all looked so cute...and there was so much candy...though saying that, I got hooked on the America Milk Dudds!

Here are some of the photos from during the 10 days I was with them....

Autumn in Boston is a beautiful time of year

My birthday cake!

Lots of fun rolling around on beds!

Face of an angel....as for the rest of the time....

Picasso in the making....

Hiking in North Hampshire

Dressed up and no where to go but school!

Wonderful decorations thanks to Hilary

Guarding the door!

Having lots of fun with the camera!

Not nearly scare enough.

Josh's friends....

My first pumpkin!