11 November 2013

23 Oct-2 November 2013: Puerto Adventuras, Mexico

Turning another decade older meant trying to find a way to celebrate it in style....which ultimately ended up as a vacation by the beach, in the sun (mostly), and with the good company of friends (and great cocktails)!

I ended up choosing Mexico (Riviera Maya) as it was close enough to New York and not too expensive.  Inviting two close friends meant that only fun times were ahead.

Puerto Adventuras (the resort) was about 45mins from Cancun but far enough out from the main tourist hub so as not feel too hemmed in.  Mind you, it was all inclusive, but funny enough the majority of people in the resort were from South America, not North America or Europe.

For 9 days I scuba dived, lay on the beach, ate, took shelter from the daily afternoon downpours, and just chilled out (with the occasional massage and trip to the gym).  Didn't take much to unwind - especially with Terreis and Jane there to help in the endeavor!!

Turning *0 wasn't such a hardship and I certainly enjoyed the time with two very good friends!  The scuba diving was also very diverse - especially the cave diving.

So here's to turning *0 and celebrating it in even greater style!