11 October 2012

6-14 October 2012: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

After a very long year with so few holidays it was time to just chill out by the beach in Mexico! 

Myself and two friends, Alex and Sera, decided on an apartment just 40mins from Puerto Vallarta - the town was called Punta de Mita. 

For 6 glorious days we sat on our balcony, swam in the sea or pool and did some stand up paddling. At night we would venture into the small town for frozen margaritas, octopus or whatever we fancied. 

The temp was usually around 90-95F which was a bit hot for me, but thankfully the apartment had air con and you could easily escape the heat by going back into the apartment. 

The beach was clean, the water like a bath, and the neighbours and townfolk friendly.  The other bonus was we were out of season so not many other tourists about.  In fact, one night we were the only ones at a restaurant.