30 December 2011

5-28 December 2011: East Coast, Australia

My very first trip to Sydney - very exciting! In fact until this point I had been to Australia exactly once in my life - to Brisbane in Easter 2007. So lots to explore!

I spent 3 days in Sydney doing the tourist thing - from going up the Sydney Tower to sailing on Sydney Harbour and then just walking around.  Thankfully the weather was on my side so I had some very good (if not hot) days.

My favourite thing was just walking around and soaking everything up - especially on Manly and Bondi Beach.  I also caught up with my cousin who lives in Sydney.

I like the city and would definitely consider it a likely place I will come back to.

Byron Bay
After Sydney it was off to catch a coach to Bryon's Bay.  It was an overnight, 12hr coach journey, 1 toilet break and an endless stream of concrete.

Byron Bay is a coastal town with lots of surf, sand and shops.  Plenty to occupy myself from lying on the beach to window shopping to scuba diving.  It's a pretty hippy town with lots of tourists and bars.  I actually prefer Sydney over it but there are definitely lots of keep someone occupied here!

And then up to Brisbane to see my little sis Penny, her partner Mike and my 2yr old nephew Dash.  Had a great time catching up with everyone and getting to know Dash (who I had never met before).  We did lots of chilling out, chatting and Xmas shopping! Thoroughly enjoyed the visit and wish I wasn't so far away from them all.

From family to more family....Xmas with Mum and Dad.  I obviously bought the good weather with me as the sun was shining every day and it was really hot at some points during the day.  I enjoyed catching up with the folks and just doing my final bit of chilling before heading back to the UK after Xmas Day. 

A fab time over the 3 weeks I had in Australia and New Zealand and hope it isn't long before I am back for another visit.