17 November 2016

2016: Setting up home in Sydney, Australia

Moving to Sydney Australia from New York USA during summer, was the best decision! A major move (via London and New Zealand) but I had the opportunity to enjoy summer at Bondi Beach while looking for work.

Sydney is a fabulous city - edgy, bright lights, big enough for most city slickers, and famous sites such as the Opera House and Bondi Beach.  You can't be bored here as there is something for everyone - though mostly an outdoors environment - which is great for those who would describe themselves as water babies.

It is costly living in Sydney, no denying that.  Clothes and shoes are not cheap, but then again, most people live in their gym/beach gear and flipflops! Food is also not cheap - but it is fresh, local and delicious - so most times it's worth the price. As for the coffee....to die for!

If you want body-beautiful then head to the Eastern suburbs, if you want clubby, head to Paddington, and if you want chilled then head north. There are festivals every weekend, sports activities every day, and fitness bootcamps in the morning and evenings.  There are no excuses for being a couch potato when living in Sydney. 

Also having joined up with a dragonboat club (Mavericks) has meant I've been able to meet a lot more people in a short time, keep fit, enjoy the outdoors and see Sydney from the water.

To sum up Sydney so far:

11 April 2016

Dec 2015-March 2016: Moving to Sydney, Australia

Moving from the US to Sydney via London, Netherlands, Wellington and Brisbane

Alas it was a goodbye to New York and hello to 'down under'!  I also quit 9 years working at Credit Suisse which was a very hard decision, but as I didn't want to relocate back to London and there were no roles going in Australia, it was the best option.

I also had the opportunity to see all my friends and family in the UK, Netherlands, NZ and Brisbane. 

Spending Xmas with my brother, sister in law and adorable two nieces in London was the icing on the cake! That and spending New Year's with very good friends of mine (Vicky/Conall), catching up with other close friends such as Sera/Jasper/Alex, Wai, Jacky and having the chance to go over to Gramsbergen and see my Dutch cousins Hilga and Jacco (and their kids), and my aunt and uncle.

Then I flew downunder to stay with my folks in Wellington for 4 weeks and enjoy the Wellington summer (which was pretty decent), and also fly across to Brisbane (which was very hot) to catch up with my sister Pen, brother in law and very lively two nephews!

Been an amazing (busy/stressful - but so wonderful) 3 months and so happy that I was able to catch up with everyone.